Courses, Lectures and Workshops

Dennis L. Merritt, Ph.D., Jungian Analyst


Jungian Psychology (General): 

Can Jung's “New Age” Avert the Apocalypse?--Considerations for our Educational System

An Introduction to C. G. Jung’s Depth Psychology (a 16 hour course)


Archetypes of the Soul—Anima and Animus

The Self—Archetype of Individuation

Jung and Spirituality

Psychology and Religion

The New Psychoanalytic Jesus

Seeing Jesus with New Eyes

The Language of the Unconscious

A Jungian Perspective on Higher Education in America

A Jungian Perspective on the Indigenous Worldview

A New Alchemy—Reflections on Jungian Psychology in Relation to Science

Jungian Psychology and Science—A Strained Relationship

Hermes—God of Complexity Theory

Sandplay Therapy (course and lecture)

The Use of Sandplay Therapy (credited by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction for school psychologists)

Jung's Perspective on Death and Life After Death (Workshop)

Star Wars and the Hero's Adventure

What Your Dreams are Telling You

The Labyrinth

Analysis of “Appointment with the Wise Old Dog”

Discussion of the Face to Face interview with Carl Jung

Reaction to the movie A Matter of Heart

The Anthropology of Drugs:  Psychiatry and the ‘60s.

Synchronicity and the I Ching:

I Ching Workshop

The I Ching in the Clinical Setting (Workshop)

The I Ching—Oracle and Book of Wisdom

Nature’s Teachings Presented by the I Ching

The Way of Water and Other Teachings of Nature Presented in the I Ching

The I Ching in Relation to Dreams and the Therapeutic Process (see Menu)

Jung, Synchronicity, and the I Ching

Synchronicity, the I Ching, and the Evolution of Life

Synchronicity--Another Level of Reality

Synchronicity and Dreams

The Spirit in Man—Richard Wilhelm  

Fairytale Workshops:

Fairytales and the Masculine Psyche

The Wildman—the Masculine in Fairytales

The Feminine in Fairytales



Iron Hans—A Tale for Modern Men

The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs

A Fairytale Weekend in Madison

The Archetypal Masculine in Fairytales and Modern Men (course)

Male Psychology:

The Lost Father

Male Spirituality and Male Sexuality

Men’s Group—Discussion, Ritual, Ceremony


Dream Interpretation Workshop

Dream Interpretation Course for Mental Health Professionals

Dreams and Relationships

Dreams, Visions and the Land

Ecopsychology and Jung:

Spirit in the Land, Spirit in Animals, Spirit in People (week-long conference. See “Spirit in the Land” in the Menu)

Entering the Tao by Traversing a Landscape—A Jungian Ecopsychological Approach (workshop)

The Soul of the Earth (workshop)

Dreams, Visions and the Land (course)

The Spirit in Nature and Jung’s Concept of the Symbolic Life

Ecology and the Dark Side of God (lecture and workshop)

Jung and Ecopsychology

Jungian Ecopsychology and the Earth Charter (see Menu)

Sacred Landscapes, Sacred Seasons: A Jungian Ecopsychological Perspective

Finding Your Spirit Animals in Dreams (workshop)

Dreams and a Sense of Place (see Menu)

Growing Up Over the Niagara Escarpment
C. G. Jung, Native American Spirituality and the Environment

An Archetypal View of the Midwest Environment

Seasons of the Soul—Archetypal Patterns in Weather and Climate

Seasons of the Soul—Weather, Climate and the Spiritual Life (a church service)

The Mythological, Psychological and Spiritual Dimensions of Winter

The World of Insects—and Other Animals

Coming Soon to Your Planet—Apocalypse Now!

Stewards of the Earth

A New Approach to Environmental Education (see also “Administrative Experience”, “Conferences” and book titles in my Curriculum Vitae)

Towards a Psychological Ecology—A Jungian View of the Environment

Hermes and the Greening of Psychology and Education

The Greening of the Self—An Ecological View of Jung, Hermes and Winnicott (workshop)

James Hillman’s Views of the Cosmos and the Anima Mundi—The World Soul

Environmental Education—Incorporating a Depth Psychological Perspective

The Greening of Psychology—Jung’s Contribution to Evolving Environmental Paradigms

Film, Nature and Spirit (a course)

Presentation of Lester Brown’s Plan B: Rescuing a Planet Under Stress and a Civilization in Trouble


The Hunger Games from a Jungian, Political, and Environmental Perspective (blog at <

A Dangerous Method Seen from a Jungian Ecopsychological Perspective, Even (blog at <>)

Hexagram 23 Revisited—the Jungian Concept of the Shadow as seen in the movie Platoon

Film, Nature, and Spirit

Hermes' Eye on Nature and Sex in Film

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