Dream Interpretation -- Dreamwork by telephone with Dennis Merritt, Ph.D., Jungian Analyst and ecopsychologist, professionally working with dreams since 1983. 

Dreams are the most direct avenue for approaching the unconscious, presenting an unvarnished picture of our psychological state. Big dreams and numinous dreams (dreams with an inner light and a sacred quality) are guide posts for our lives and indicate where we can follow a path with heart. See articles on my web site, for illustrations of how I work with dreams. 

1.    For a description of dream work in a Jungian context, see "Brief Psychotherapy:  a Jungian Perspective" (p. 3, 4).

2.    An illustration of synchronicity with dreams and the I Ching is offered on p. 4-5 of "Use of the I Ching in the Analytic Setting.” 

3.     For examples of how dreams can be used to connect people to the land, see "Dreams and a Sense of Place.”

4.     Many dreams are presented in volume 1 of my book, The Dairy Farmer's Guide to the Universe—Jung, Hermes, and Ecopsychology.

         For your hour of dreamwork by telephone, choose a dream that is particularly intriguing or powerful or perhaps a recurring dream.  Recent dreams are better than old dreams.  Shorter dreams are better to work within an hour time frame.  Write the dream out very legibly and fax it or preferably fax or e-mail a typed copy before we discuss the dream.  Contact me by e-mail with suggested dates and times to discuss your dream, mentioning what time zone you are in.  I will respond by e-mail.

         This is not analysis or therapy although the effects may be therapeutic.  The cost is $82 for an hour payable by VISA or Master Card before the dream discussion begins.

Madison: (608) 255-9330 ext. 5
Milwaukee: (414) 332-7400

Fax:             (608) 255-7810


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